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Playstation 4 Playstation 4 Sonic Forces - Ps4

Sonic Forces - Ps4

Playstation 4 Sonic Forces - PS4 Pre-order Sonic Forces and receive the Shadow the Hedgehog costume. Accessorise your custom character like Shadow the Hedgehog, the iconic anti-hero. Your custom character will speed across stages looking fierce and fiery as Shadow! There are three colour variations in total. Join an epic high-speed fight to save a world decimated by Dr. Eggman and a mysterious villain in the newest game from the team that made Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations. Experience fast-paced action as Modern Sonic, catapult past perilous platforms as Classic Sonic, and use powerful new gadgets as your very own Custom Hero Character. In Eggman¿s greatest victory to-date, the evil doctor has conquered much of the world with a mysterious new power. A resistance comprised of Sonic¿s friends is formed to fi ght back, and in the midst of the chaos and destruction, an unlikely hero will rise up to help Modern and Classic Sonic take back their world. Even these three heroes may have their work cut out for them, as Dr. Eggman has a new ally of his own¿ Three types of gameplay: Fast paced action as Modern Sonic, thrilling platforming as Classic Sonic, and utilise powerful gadgets as your own Custom Hero Character! Fight against a brand new mysterious and powerful enemy, Infinite! Featuring an all-star cast of well-known Sonic franchise heroes and villains! Helpline Number: 0203 538 2665 Age Rating: 7 years + Gaming Age Rating: 7Yrs +

Playstation 4 Sonic Forces - Ps4

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Latest Review Of The Playstation 4 Sonic Forces - Ps4

On average, most of our customers who made this purchase - rate the playstation 4 sonic forces - ps4 ... 4.5 out of 5 stars.
Playstation 4  Sonic Forces - Ps4
Average rating: 5.0, based on 7 reviews.


Playstation 4 Review

Verified Order - Purchased On: Thursday, 25th February 2021

Never any problems finding just what I want with Easy Shop. With so many items to choose from and with the built in voice search it's just so easy.
Playstation 4 Review

Verified Order - Purchased On: Tuesday, 23rd February 2021

I know from my last online ordering experience at Easy Shop I know first hand that the products they sell are absolutely first class and really exceptionally high quality too.
Playstation 4 Review

Verified Order - Purchased On: Monday, 22nd February 2021

I could not believe it when I found out that this Sonic Forces - Ps4 just sold out elsewhere ... I mean I really had my heart set on this. Then I Easy Shop and thankfully they still had some left in stock!
Playstation 4 Review

Verified Order - Purchased On: Saturday, 20th February 2021

Lovely experience ordering online with Easy Shop. I ordered this Sonic Forces - Ps4 from them and it arrived the next working day.
Playstation 4 Review

Verified Order - Purchased On: Friday, 19th February 2021

Placing my order online for this Sonic Forces - Ps4 was so easy, simple and hassle free - especially with the intelligent post code address look up feature.
Playstation 4 Review

Verified Order - Purchased On: Wednesday, 17th February 2021

So after my first experience with Easy Shop I decided to order some more, and the selection of products they have on offer is second to none and the delivery is fast!
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